Faucet Control System

Inventor: Erica Davis
Faucet Control System is a unique device specifically designed to turn on or off a water faucet at a specified time via a mobile application to minimize water usage.
Faucet Control System comprises a faucet with a first valve, a second valve, and a mobile application for use with a mobile device.

The first valve may be a manually controlled valve, and the second valve may be an automated valve. The second valve may be activated at a specific time. A software application on a mobile device is operably connected to the second valve, such that the application specifies the specific time at which the valve turns on or off. Alternatively, a user may set a timer on a mobile application, turning on a faucet, starting the countdown of the timer, and turning the faucet off once the timer expires.
Faucet Control System features a mobile application that will have the ability to connect to a series of faucets. This will allow a single mobile application on a single mobile device to control multiple faucets. A connection light is located at the base of the faucet and will help a user ensure the correct faucet is being controlled. The mobile application may include several different features, such as the ability to track time and sync to local time. The mobile application has the ability to control the amount of time a faucet runs before the faucet is turned off.
Faucet Control System inclused multiple LED timing lights to allow a user to see how long the water flow is left on prior to being turned off, or to know when the faucet will turn off. The LED lights can be set to change colors, and the light colors can be controlled by the mobile application. The timing lights can be programmed to illuminate as the timer counts down to the faucet turning off. The timing lights can also illuminate as more time has gone by of the faucet running.
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