Eyewear Location Apparatus

Inventor: Catherine Lamprakes
Eyewear Location Apparatus features a pair of strips configured to secure to the temples of a pair of eyeglasses to assist the owner in locating the eyewear if lost or misplaced. This unique design provides ease and convenience and eliminates the need to replace expensive eyewear.
The device strips contain a light-emitting diode, which is connected to a controller, programmed to change colors so that the user may customize the device. A speaker is also contained that can produce an audible alert and a GPS transponder. All components are connected to a power source and operably connected to a charging port, such as a mini-USB or a standard USB. All components are configured to be water-resistant so that if the eyewear device is exposed to water, the operation of the eyewear location apparatus will be fully preserved.
In an alternative configuration, the light-emitting diode controller is programmed to allow a user to change a color displayed by the light-emitting diode. A user may desire to change the color displayed in response to a light environment surrounding the light-emitting diode. For example, if a user is attempting to locate eyewear equipped with the eyewear location apparatus in a room that features red lighting, the user will more easily locate the eyewear location apparatus if a color is not red.
An activation remote control is featured that allows a user to press a button for light, speaker, or GPS to help locate a missing pair of eyewear. This unique remote control assists hearing or vision impaired eyeglass wearers, as well as anyone who's ever lost a pair of eyeglasses. The GPS transponder may also transmit the location of the eyewear to the mobile phone of a user through the use of a mobile app instead of remote control.
Additionally, the indicium comprises a unique identifier, such as an alphanumeric code. Utilizing a unique identifier as the indicium provides convenience to a user where the user needs to prove ownership of the eyewear device equipped with the eyewear location apparatus. For example, if the owner of the eyewear location apparatus needs to describe the eyewear device which is integrated with the eyewear location apparatus to another individual, the unique identifier may be utilized to more specifically describe the eyewear device.
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