Expandable Pet Carrier

Inventor: Muhammad Chaudhry
The Expandable Pet Carrier provides additional space for a pet when traveling. The unique carrier design forms a main compartment with at least one expandable compartment that is movable between a collapsible configuration and an expanded configuration. Pet owners are able to easily and safely take their pets anywhere that requires a pet carrier with less hassle or worry.
The dual expansion feature provides two-sided expandable folding bays with an outer mesh material allowing the free flow of air to pass through and enhance ventilation to the pet. A plurality of additional features such as, sturdy metal hooks, self-lock double zippers, fastener strap, leash ring, and a lightweight, sturdy waterproof material compliment the Expandable Pet Carrier.
The Expandable Pet Carrier can accommodate pets varying in height and weight up to 18 inches in length and 15 pounds in weight.
Removable fleece bedding allows a pet to comfortably nestle inside the carrier and spacious extra storage compartments allows a pet owner to easily and conveniently carry pet supplies, toys and other essentials while in the car, on an airplane, or wherever traveling with a pet is necessary.
The collapsible design zips up flat into a compact configuration that can easily be stored when not in use.
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