Double-Lined Interior and Exterior Pocket Male Undergarment

Inventor: Clinton Chisholm
Double-Lined Interior and Exterior Pocket Male Undergarment is a uniquely designed pair of male boxer-type underwear containing double-lined pockets providing the wearer access to facilitate urination, as well as protection and support to the male genital area, absorption of sweat, and unwanted leaks and stains through clothing.
Undergarment offers the male wearer flexibility and improved comfort in a boxer-type design. An exterior front fly access opening allows for ease of urination. The non-roll elastic waistband allows the wearer increased comfort during all forms of activity.
The interior portion of Undergarment contains a double-lined pocket to support the genitals in a comfortable position and away from the body.
The double-lined interior also allows separation of the penis from the scrotum and effectively prevents bodily fluid contact with the skin and other areas of the lower body.
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