Dish Wand Holder

Inventor: Kenny Taylor
Dish Wand Holder is a uniquely designed storage device for dish wands that can be conveniently secured to the sink area and held in an upright position to prevent leakage of dish soap and bacterial growth.
Comprises a front plate having a rear plate perpendicular from the lower end of the front plate. A pair of tines extend from opposing ends of the upper end to form an opening to receive the handle of a dish wand.

Includes a suction cup fastener affixed to the rear plate that removably secures the wand holder to the desired surface area such as a sink or countertop.
  • The upright position allows for expedient drying while simultaneously preventing contact with surrounding areas.
  • Eliminates bacteria or other pathogens that can build up on the sponge area of a dish wand.
  • Minimizes the risk of leakage from dish wands that contain an interior soap reservoir.
  • Maintains proper storage between uses and reduces sponge replacement due to improper care.
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