Dickey Garment with Pouches for Heat Packs

Inventor: Joseph Valente
This uniquely designed product is a sleeveless, mock turtleneck-style undergarment that allows hand warmers to be placed within the garment to heat the core of the body during cold weather.
  • Made from a fleece material for ultimate comfort and warmth and available in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Contains 3 individual pockets to hold up to 3 hand warmers inside the garment for ultimate warmth while outdoors.

  • Designed for a variety of outdoor activities, including work, sports, hiking, skiing, sledding, or any other outdoor activity during cold, inclement weather.
  • Sleeveless alternative layering tool that can be hidden underneath a jacket or other clothing without adding excessive bulk.

  • Countless personalization options are available such as lapel branding for schools, sports, clubs, unions, licensed professional and college sports, company name, and logo.

  • Can be made in a fire retardant fleece for large utility companies, city and municipality uniforms, or for military use.
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