The Descender

Inventors: Robert L. Coray MD, FACS
Jared Ollerton CRNA, MSNA
The Descender is a total-body workout exercise machine comprised of a stair descending apparatus coupled with an extending arm between handrails and attached computer console monitor and sensors.

This invention works entirely different muscle groups, strengthens and treats conditions such as iliotibial band syndrome and runner's knee, and allows full rehabilitation potential for people needing physical therapy for orthopedic procedures such as total hip and knee replacements. There is not a device like this on the market, and it has the potential of reaching of hundreds of thousands of active people and patients alike.
Many stair-climbing devices currently on the market allow users to climb ascending stairs at different speeds. However, if users want to work the opposite direction, they must turn around or sideways, which may not feel very natural, forcing people off-balance.

Additionally, people afflicted with ITBS have very limited prevention and treatment options for their symptoms. Further, patients who have had hip or knee replacement surgery and need to rehabilitate in order to return home are forced to walk up and down stairs with more supervision, adding greatly to healthcare costs. Likewise, physical therapy with stationary steps is inconvenient, costly, and often dangerous due to inadequate safety structures.
In view of the foregoing disadvantages inherent in the known types of exercise devices now present in the known art, the present invention provides an exercise device wherein the same can be utilized for providing convenience for the user when exercising by descending a staircase.

The present system comprises a housing having a pair of sidewalls, wherein a rear end of the pair of sidewalls comprises a greater height than a front end of the pair of sidewalls. A belt is disposed within the housing, wherein the belt is operably connected to a motor, wherein the motor is configured to rotate the belt within the housing. A plurality of steps are affixed to the belt, wherein the plurality of steps extend through the housing along an upper side thereof. A pair of rails extend from an upper end of each of the pair of sidewalls, wherein the pair of rails are configured to provide a gripping surface.
It will be helpful for:
Strengthening legs for descention from climbs and extended hikes
Rehabilitation from ACL, MCL, knee arthrosopy, and total knee replacement surgeries
Our Features
  • Variable speed for each application and age range
  • Safety: evercency kill switch if feet approach top of stairway
  • Crossbar folds down across stairway in order to function and locks into place for stability of the user
  • Monitor for start and stop functions, calorie burning calculations, speed, and heard rate monitoring.
  • Strengthens lower extremity muscle groups not currently targeted with other equipment.
  • Treats and prevents ITBS and other medical conditions.
  • Eliminates the need to turn backward or sideways on stair-climber machines, which can be difficult and dangerous.
  • Requires less supervision than other rehabilitation methods, which can drive up healthcare costs.
  • The descending staircase feature provides an effective low-impact cardiovascular workout with the added benefits of an extending arm to support balance and stability every time you step.
  • Tone and sculpt your entire lower body while also working your core. The convenient and effective downward stepping motion provides a targeted workout to the glutes, thighs, hips and abdominals.
  • A revolving set of non-slip stairs duplicates the workout of real downward stepping motion allowing a wide range of users to exercise within their comfort zones.
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