Delivery Secure Box

Inventors: Ronald Weller
Delivery Secure Box is an automatically-locking delivery box. This uniquely designed device provides a delivery box that can be unlocked a single time by pressing a button, enabling a delivery person to open the device, leave mail or packages and close the device until the homeowner opens the device with a key.

Accommodates larger size packages that may otherwise be left on a porch or walkway and easily stolen.
Features an electronic lid that will automatically lock after mail or a package is placed inside the interior portion of the delivery box.
Contents placed inside are only retrievable by the homeowner's key.
  • Mail and packages are kept safe and secure from theft or damage due to harsh weather elements.
  • Perfect for anyone who travels or works outside the home for long periods.
  • Easily mounts to the exterior of a home or porch area.
  • Conveniently powered by a rechargeable battery pack.
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