Cowboy Skate Boot and Cover

Inventor: John Wayne Feddersen, Jr.
A uniquely designed fashionable and functional skating boot or skate boot cover for roller skates, ice skates, or inline skates having a lace-less cowboy boot outward appearance with adequate ankle support for unaltered performance or safety for the user.
  • Skate frame connects to the outsole and heel lift of the boot to provide securement of inline wheels, standard roller skates, or a blade for carving a surface of ice.
  • Interior comprises ankle support padding, allowing a slip-on configuration while still providing an adequate level of ankle support while the skates are in use.
  • Internal tongue and lace structure for securely tightening the boot to the user's foot providing safety and functionality of the skates.
  • Provides the necessary ankle support for more aggressive skating maneuvers.
  • Spur strap wraps around the exterior of the boot for added ankle support. Rear brake or wheelie bar mounted to the boot in the style of a boot spur.
  • LED lights option available for a colorful skating experience.
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