Core Muscle Roller

Inventor: Norman Ressler
Core Muscle Roller is an exercise devicedesigned to assist a user when performing certain arm extension exercises. Regular exercise is universally acknowledged to be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Among popular muscle training exercises is the push up exercise, which, when properly executed, can improve the strength and tone of an individual's arms, legs and core body muscles.
This unique exercise device contains spring loaded arm support and a base with a plurality of rollers secured to a bottom surface. A handle with an extended stem is attached to two columns that extend from a top surface of the base.
When in use, a brace is attached and designed to comfortably contain the forearm of a user. The handle is connected to a spring that applies a rotational bias when the stem is rotated away from a starting position. In operation, an individual assumed an initial push up stance and grasps the handles of two such devices, with the brace positioned underneath each forearm. As the user stretches outward, the base rolls along and the brace pushes up against the forearms.
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