Convertible Walker and Stroller

Inventor: Anna Gordon
The Convertible Walker and Stroller is a unique, multifunctional device that can be selectively switched between walker and stroller, providing multiple ways to transport an infant or small child in a single device.
The Convertible Walker and Stroller is a practical and versatile two-in-one product that eliminates the need for parents or caregivers to purchase multiple devices. This unique product allows a child the benefit of utilizing the walker feature while indoors or outdoors, and also allows a parent the convenience of switching between configurations of walker and stroller easily when on the go.
This two-in-one device affords parents a convenient, functional and lightweight design that can easily collapse and be stored when not in use, saving on storage space and easy transport to a park, playground, or any other area indoors or outdoors where a small child or infant can explore their surroundings. Incorporated into the design are comfort and safety features such as, a seating area that provides support when the device is either in the walker or stroller configuration, removable seat cushion, head cushion, adjustable seat back, proper seat restraints, and many more features.
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