Compartmented Refrigeration System

Inventor: Isaac Ellis
Compartmented Refrigeration System is a uniquely designed device that can be used by multiple people at the same time, where each compartment can lock and secure personal effects, food, drink, and medications from unauthorized tampering or theft.
  • Provides a refrigeration system that can adjustably reduce the temperature in the interior volume.
  • Includes a compressor, a plurality of condenser coils, at least one expansion valve, a plurality of evaporator coils, and a refrigerant that can travel through the various components.
  • The refrigeration controller enables a user to set, adjust, and maintain a desired temperature within the device.
  • Compartments are in thermal communication with the access door that includes a lock that a user can use to secure the individual compartments.
  • Access door contains a keypad and fingerprint scanner for personalized access.
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