Collapsible Grill

Inventor: Greg White
Collapsible Grill is a uniquely designed portable fire square and cooking grill surface that allows the user to conveniently transport and cook food in places where traditional food preparation devices are not available such as while hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, or any other recreational outdoor activity where grilling is desired.
Grate-style stainless steel cooking surface to allow for safe and effective cooking. The grate is supported by a pivoting rod allowing the grate to easily go from a horizontal in-use position to a vertical storage position.
Cable-operated crank assembly configured to move the surface vertically up and down for proper adjustment of the level of heat required. The cable is safely and effectively stored when the grill is in a folded configuration.
  • Foldable for easy stowing in a camper, SUV, truck, boat, and more for ease of transportation and portability.
  • Can be staked into the ground with included rod attachment for additional support.
  • Creates a secure cooking surface over a fire pit or campfire with minimal setup effort needed.
  • Fire square base is heat resistant and allows containment of heat such as wood-powered, camp-style fire or charcoal-powered, grill-style fire.
  • Easily latches closed and can be stored in small spaces or areas.
  • Contains a convenient carry handle to move simply and easily.
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