Child's Compartmented Lunch Box & Backpack

Inventor: Dennis Powell
This uniquely designed product is a character-like combination lunch box and backpack coupled with safety features and GPS tracking capabilities. Children will be able to organize all contents into one convenient device, while parents will be able to utilize the internal tracking system for keeping their children safe.
A large main zipper compartment for easy storage and organization of writing utensils, lunch box, notebooks, mobile phone and GPS module.

Two zipper pouch feet provide added storage and allow for the device to easily stand in a vertical position. An insulated pocket is contained within the main compartment to keep food and drink cold and safe for consumption.
Padded back, shoulder straps, and small channels for air flow will provide comfort and cooling while carrying. A convenient hanging loop feature provides easy storage when not in use.

Additional features include, an emergency contact card that can be completed and displayed, and a safety card containing general questions and answers to remind a child of different situations that may arise and how to respond accordingly.
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