Child's Baby Garment with Absorbent Pad

Inventor: Kelly Yabsley
An easily removable child garment containing an absorbant pad to absorb excess waste exiting from a child's diaper.
  • Provides an easy and convenient way for parents and caregivers to easily remove from an infant, minimizing cleaning efforts.
  • Comfortable and flexible providing protection even with infant body movement. Fully encompasses the rear of the diaper where leaks are most likely to occur.
  • Features a sleeveless fitted onesie-type garment with snap enclosures for easy access.
  • Rounded leg openings increase comfort and reduce chaffing.
    Arm openings allow full range of motion to the infant.
  • The absorbent pad contains multi quilted layers for comfort and adhesive backing for a secured fit.
  • Prevents the soiling of the garment.
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