Children's Toy for Grilling

Inventor: Iisha Smith
Children's Toy for Grilling is a uniquely designed outdoor children's toy grill, including a low temperature grill top that allows children to safely participate in outdoor grilling. Children will no longer feel left out and can participate in all grilling activities with adult supervision.
The interior of the grill contains a normal grill structure, including metal grill grates or griddle top that are food safe. Under the grates is a low temperature heating element that can safely keep food warm, without worry of a child burning themselves.
Easy turn knobs on the front of the grill control the heating element at a safe and constant temperature. A steaming element feature that produces real steam is also included for the ultimate appearance of a real grill while cooking real food.
Storage compartments and open-door shelves are contained in the front of the grill, perfect for storing various grilling items. A foldable table is attached to the side of the grill for maximum use and convenience. LED lights compliment the exterior portion of the grill lid for added lighting and appeal to the young cook.
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