Bunion Correction Footwear Device

Inventor: Peter Lesser
Bunion Correction Footwear is a uniquely designed orthopedic device and system for assisting with the treatment and relief of pain associated with bunions.
Designed to manipulate the position of the wearer's big toe and apply pressure to the interior side of the big toe relieving pressure on the bunion.

Incorporates an inflatable divider that centers the foot and prevents the foot from sliding horizontally so that that bunion does not impact the side of the shoe, and allows the inflatable bunion bladder to straighten the big toe to the desired position without forcing the other toes into an improper position.
A unique pump system located in the tongue portion of the footwear device provides air to the divider and is controlled by the wearer until the big toe is in a straight positive for ultimate stability of the foot and pain relief. The wearer may inflate and deflate according to comfort.
A secondary pump system can inflate the arch support bladder further relieving pressure on the foot and providing support to the big toe joint. Assists in engaging physical and athletic activities by supplying additional strength and balance to the big toe affected by bunions.
  • Decreases tension in foot muscles and tendons.
  • Eliminates chronic pain, stiffness, foot stress, and invasive surgery.
  • Greatly improves the quality of life and ease of mobility for the wearer.
  • Reduces non-surgical alternatives to attempt to alleviate bunion pain such as splints, wide shoes, toe spreaders or spacers, pads, and arch support devices.
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