Boat Towing Auxiliary Light

Inventor: Patrick Spellman
Boat Towing Auxiliary Light is a unique auxiliary light that securely affixes to a boat or other towed vehicle designed to increase visibility and provide safety while towing.
The auxiliary light is an elongated shaft with a light assembly affixed to the upper end. A power source is contained within the shaft, and a control located on the outer portion on the shaft allows for the light to toggle between an activated and deactivated state. Additionally, a wireless controller is contained within the shaft and connects the light assembly with a remote electronic device allowing a user to remotely activate and deactivate the auxiliary light and signals.
Boat Towing Auxiliary Light provides roadway safety by illuminating directional signals, braking, or the use of hazards lights from the rear section of a boat or towed vehicle, and can easily fit inside a boat fishing rod holder or any existing opening of a towed vehicle.
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