Method for unlocking bioactive proteins

Inventor: Ralph Yoder
A method for unlocking bioactive proteins that can then be used to activate natural remedies. The method includes starting with Silica salt and water mixture. Then a base of whey protein concentrate is added to the mixture. The pH of the whey protein mixture is raised using a base. The pH is held at a level above 11 for at least two hours. After at least two hours an acid is then added to the mixture to bring the pH of the mixture below 3 pH. This will stop the activation process. After the unattached proteins are removed the protein mixture is then brought back to a normal pH level, around 4 pH.
BIO-20 contains immune system messenger proteins that Acts as a key to starting the immune system to clear infectious disease.
These small proteins express cell mediated immunity.
Colostrum contains many of these immune factors that have been shown to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammitory properties.
There is significant research data supporting factors in colostrum that significantly aid the body to help in wound healing. BIO20 contains these same proteins but are likely to be significantly more potent because the majority of the colostrum proteins are latent as the BIO-20 proteins are activated.
  • Colds result in costs in the US estimated at 90 Billion/year.
  • 16.6 billon dollars is spend annually for over the counter remedies to reduce the suffering from the cold.
  • 85% of all remedies spent on colds are for over the counter products (This should affect how to market in this area)
  • BIO-20 reduces cold days from 7 to less than 2
  • Additional BIO-20 potential: BIO-20 used as early treatment for COVID-19
  • Wound healing: big potential based on limited results and how BIO-20 works to activate the innate immune system
The average stats of flu since 2011
33.6 million
Sympotmatic illness
17.4 million
Medical visits
630 Thousand
51.8 thousand
28 billion annually
Wound healing
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