Bed Mounted Exercise System

Inventor: Russell Meisner
Bed Mounted Exercise System is a solid, flat platform that can be secured to a bed frame for providing a comfortable and stable exercise surface positioned atop a mattress, providing a way for people with mobility problems to build or maintain strength without having to get onto the floor.
The exercise platform eliminates two primary reasons people with mobility deficits following an injury or surgery, or those with neurologic or balance issues, often give as to why they are unable to successfully perform many of their exercises at home: they have difficulty getting down to the floor and back up again; and their bed is too soft.
  • The platform provides a solid surface for anyone with mobility problems to do exercises on their bed, allowing them to achieve many of their rehabilitation or exercise goals without having to get on the floor.
  • Optional cinch straps can connect the platform to the bed frame for additional stability while performing their exercises and for those transferring from a wheelchair onto the platform.
  • A mat or pad fastened to the platform provides comfort and support while performing an exercise.
  • The lightweight design allows for ease of installation.
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