Beat Recording Pen

Inventor: Morgan Bitannie
Beat Recording Pen is a uniquely designed dual-purpose pen for recording and editing music while serving as a writing instrument.
  • Captures music, as well as a means of transferring the music over to a mobile device or computer for further editing, rearrangement, and permanent storage.

  • The microcontroller is configured to record the converted audio input signals detected by the impact sensor, and to interface with a connected mobile device or computer via a software application.
  • Contains a retractable writing instrument, a compartmentalized interior configured to house a power supply, a transceiver, an impact sensor, and a microcontroller.
  • Port configured to connect to a mobile device or connect to a phone using Bluetooth technology.
  • The transceiver is configured to transmit and receive digital signals from a connected mobile device or computer.
  • Easy push buttons to retract and extend the writing end, activate Bluetooth, change sounds, and record.
  • The impact sensor is configured to detect an impact event such as the tapping of the end against a surface and to convert the audio input signal into a digital signal.
  • Convenient for the user to tap on a surface to create music or change sounds.
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