Bathing Leg Restraint

Inventor: Deborah Belback
Bathing Leg Restraint is a unique bathing leg restraint device that can be utilized to keep the user's legs submerged when bathing in a bathtub or similar bathing enclosure, in order to maintain contact with the base of the bathtub to prevent the user from sliding out of a desired position while bathing.
Provides convenience when bathing, in order to comfortably maintain the body in an upright seated position, and provides a relaxing experience without having to worry about sliding down into the water.
A perfect device to assist with small children, the elderly, or anyone who may need assistance with a safer bathing experience.
Bathing Leg Restraint features rotatable bathing leg restraints that can be easily rotated overtop or away from a user's legs for easy access in and out of the bathtub, as well as height adjustable supports in order to adjust the device for comfortable use for different sizes of bathing enclosures or different sizes of users. Convenient suction cup fasteners effectively secure the device to the inner surface of a bathtub or bathing enclosure.
This innovative product can be collapsed to a compact position for storage when not in use, or disassembled for cleaning if needed. The base can be composed of a comfortable foam material or any other suitable materials that are water resistant and provide comfort to the user.
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