Ball Hitch Shield

Inventor: Kenneth Amaral
Have you ever needed a way to protect or prevent damage to your ball mount and hitch? Have you ever wanted to not have to use grease? With BALL HITCH SHIELD™ you can protect your ball mount from damage and wear of use! This product is a cover that would press up inside the hitch of the trailer to prevent damage or the use of grease. The slits allow the cover to fit successfully over the ball mount when inserted into the hitch. BALL HITCH SHIELD™ is what you need to keep your ball hitch protected.
  • Patented design using 100% industrial grade Teflon
  • Helps prevent damage and wear
  • Easily snaps into trailer hitch
  • No more need for messy grease
How It Works
Before you begin
Clean all residue of grease from both the ball and the hitch socket on the trailer. Feel inside the hitch socket of the trailer for any rough spots or burrs. They must be sanded and cleaned up before installation of BALL HITCH SHIELD™. Inspect the ball for wear of the chrome finish, if it is worn off you must replace the ball with a new one. These two previous steps are critical to the lifespan of your BALL HITCH SHIELD™.
Install Ball Hitch Shield™
After taking the previous steps you are ready to install the BALL HITCH SHIELD™. The smaller tabs of the BALL HITCH SHIELD™ should face the back of the hitch, the trailer side where the lock is. The larger tab is forward on the vehicle side of the hitch. Tuck up inside the hitch. Now you are ready to hook up. If necessary after the weight of the trailer is down: You may need to nudge it forward to make sure the ball is forward to lock trailer with a tap using a rubber mallet.
Ditch the grease
Now enjoy your BALL HITCH SHIELD™ with no more greasy mess!
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