Baby Bottle with Lanyard

Inventor: Gina Chicarella
Uniquely designed baby bottle with an attached lanyard allowing parents and caregivers a more convenient way to feed a baby or toddler.
  • Features a standard baby bottle with an extend and retract plastic lanyard attached to the cap of the bottle that can be worn around the neck of a parent or caregiver for convenient hands-free feeding.
  • Simple and effective way to prevent misplaced bottles or bottles that fall to the floor and need retrieving.
  • Eliminates having to clean and sanitize dropped bottles when in a public area.
  • Allows a baby or toddler to sit upright and move comfortably while feeding.
  • Easily extends allowing a baby or toddler to grasp the bottle for self-feeding.
  • Keeps essentials within reach while at home or on the go.
    Feeding your baby has never been easier!
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