ArmBar: Mixed Supplement Beverage Vending Machine

Inventor: Don Phillips
The ArmBar is a convenient supplement dispensing vending machine that prepares and dispenses a supplement beverage based on the weight of the user and other parameters if desired.

This unique device features several reservoirs of different sizes, an external 27 inch touch display screen, an electronic payment input, logic and memory, and a vending outlet including a lower tray adapted to support a beverage container. The reservoirs are adapted to receive a variety of protein powders, as well as pre-workout, BCAA's, amino uptakes, creatine, and pump supplements. Depending on the measurement of a user's weight and height via the logic, the device will then mix the different supplements together and dispense as a beverage.
The ArmBar provides a device that comprises a ground supported scale and sensors to measure an exact height that is configured to calculate and give the option to measure a user's height and weight (body mass index) and recommend a supplemental beverage that is created using a mixture of ingredients depending on their goals to gain or shred body mass.
The device comprises a logic that is configured to identify an ideal mixture of ingredients, such as protein powders or the like, and dispense the mixture in accordance to the servings they've selected to receive. Upon finalizing a selection of the desired beverage, the processor is configured to store the user's selection into the memory, such that the device may more quickly provide recommendations upon reuse from the same user.
In operation, the user may select from an array of ingredients from the external touch display screen and choose a method of payment from the electronic payment input, such as Cash, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or credit card or debit payment. Upon finalization of payment and the mixture selection, the ArmBar is configured to activate a dispensing mechanism.
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