AquaGreen Flex

Inventor: Luis Zarate
AquaGreen Flex is an indoor/outdoor water irrigation system for potted plants. This unique design ensures water is dispensed to plant roots in an easy and convenient manner, and can be used with any shape or size of a potted plant.
AquaGreen Flex features nozzle-type holes that dispense water directly to the root of a plant, and a wireless controller unit that can be programmed to dispense water at intervals chosen by the user, providing consistent plant health and growth. Additionally, air will be able to pass through easily and reach the roots of the plant by way of inlet holes.

AquaGreen Flex will provide water more precisely and deliver the proper amount of water to each plant, helping to avoid both under and overwatering. This compact, hands free system is perfect for vacations and busy schedules. Excellent for patios and balconies where faucets are unavailable.
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