Always Alert

Inventor: Alfred Heffernan
Always Alert makes it easier for residents and homeowners to replace their smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector batteries twice a year or whenever needed.
Provides a safer, and better way to replace the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Always Alert box is equipped with a battery light, test button, and lock. The battery compartments take up no more room than a standard light switch or plug outlet.
The wire and battery compartment is very easy for an electrician to install with minimal wall repair, whether you are using a standard battery-operated or hardwire with a battery backup smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector.

Protects from loss of life with almost three of every five home fire deaths resulting from homes with no smoke alarms or no smoke alarms that were working. Dead batteries caused one-quarter (25%) of the smoke alarm failures.
  • Easily mounts to any ideal location within a home.
  • Eliminates the need to climb a stepladder to change alarm batteries.
  • The outside cover is hinged with an LED indicator light for easy identification.
  • The battery compartment is located in the adjacent wall and would be no higher than a light switch.
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