Adjustable Pet Waste Scoop

Inventor: Robert Rogers
Adjustable Pet Waste Scoop is a unique pet scoop device designed to secure a pet waste bag in multiple positions and configurations for easy and convenient pet waste pick-up and disposal.
This unique design features a handle shaft and a scoop shaft connected in a telescopic configuration so that the length of the device is adjustable. A scoop is connected to the lower end of the scoop shaft. The scoop has an open-ended front portion and a rear portion extending in an opposing direction at an upward angle.
In operation, a pet waste bag can be secured to scoop in multiple configurations via one or more fasteners. The pet waste bag can be secured so that the out walls are positioned within the channel defined by the scoop. Or, the pet waste bag can be secured around the outside of the scoop. The user can customize the operation of the scoop according to their preference.
Adjustable Pet Waste Scoop includes a handle grip and an angled lower portion that increase the comfort and ease of use for the user.
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