Adjustable Highchair

Inventor: Devon Fredankey
Adjustable Highchair is a uniquely designed highchair capable of accommodating multiple children simultaneously for feeding or other activities. This improved highchair design offers parents, caregivers, daycare centers, or anyone who has multiple children to take care of with the ability to tend to more than one child at a time. Adjustable Highchair features attachments for seating of up to 4 children facing in an outward position.
  • The telescopic stem of the chair assembly allows a user to easily raise and lower the height to accommodate repositioning of the highchair, or to accommodate a growing child.
  • Straps are provided to safely secure a child in the seating area as well as removable eating trays secured to the seating area.
  • The base of Adjustable Highchair features movable wheels and a locking braking system to permit or restrict movement.
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