Adjustable Container

Inventor: Ethan Robert Serlin
Adjustable Container is a uniquely designed adjustable and expandable container for holding a variable amount of food, beverage, or other items without the need for multiple containers.
  • An adjustable container for preparing, presenting, or consuming a variable amount of food or beverage without the use of multiple and differently-sized containers of a particular type.
  • Replaces the use of multiple cooking devices and preservers space in a kitchen, cabinet, drawer, or any other location where containers for preparing, presenting, or consuming foods or beverages may be stored.
  • Container may be a pot, pan, cup, plate, or any other container in which the height and width are adjustable to accommodate many different items.
  • Reduces the total number of containers needed and creates convenience when cooking and preparing food.
  • The telescopic design feature allows a user to easily adjust the horizontal or vertical size of the container.
  • Contains a locking pin to maintain the shape of the container.
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