Portable CPAP Holder

Inventor: Darin Klinger, Jack Gross Jr.
A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine storage stand. The CPAP machine storage stand includes a base having a lip extending perpendicularly away from a periphery of the base defining an interior portion of the base. The interior portion can receive a CPAP machine therein.

A U-shaped frame having a first end and a second end is hingedly affixed to opposing sides of the lip at the first and second ends thereof. The U-shaped frame can selectively move between a deployed position and a collapsed position, wherein the U-shaped frame rests flush against the base within the interior portion when in the collapsed position.
This proprietary product is made of high-quality powdered coated aluminum and is comprised of the following parts:
•12in x 12in x 1in folding tray
that slides under your bed for the securement of your machine.
•A 3 piece adjustable rod that can be customized easily to your preferred height
This entire assembly/disassembly process takes about 15-20 seconds to perform
•A proprietary "cat head" rod end that performs
as a hose holder and also a mask folder when not in use
Our product is for new and experienced sleep apnea patients who need a solution to their sleep apnea machine and hose storage problems:
  • Sleep apnea patients who are looking to make their experience more comfortable and less annoying
  • Anyone who travels with their CPAP/BIPAP machine (hotel travelers, campers, vacationers, truck drivers - over the road drivers for use in their sleeper cabs, etc.)
  • This device can also be used solely as a hose holder
  • Anyone frustrated with their current in-home setup
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