Pet Bed Assembly

Inventor: Elizabeth Tepper
This uniquely designed product provides pet owners with a portable pet assembly comprised of a firm circular frame complete with its own blanket. This will provide a secure bed for the pet and eliminate a pet from crowding a pet owner's bed and blankets.
Pet Bed Assembly is comprised of a unique tubular assembly that does not need washed and is easy to store when not in use. Additional links can be offered that will lock together to increase the size of the Pet Bed Assembly.
The top portion of the Pet Bed Assembly may contain hook and loop fasteners to hold the pet blanket on to the frame. Ideally, place the Pet Bed Assembly under bed covers with the pet blanket on top of its nesting area. Stays in one place and only the pet blanket needs washed. Pet hair and dander is confined to one spot.
Pet Bed Assembly is a must for home, camping, car and RV. No longer will a soiled pet bed need washed. Simply wash the blanket that sits on top of the Pet Bed Assembly.
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