Manual Resuscitator Bag and Suction Tubing System

Inventor: Horace Watson Barnett

This uniquely designed caddy provides single patient use of organizing the two-piece resuscitation bag and tubing and prevents the equipment from falling to the floor, causing possible contamination and problems for clinicians, nurses, or any others who render respiratory care.
The caddy is a 4x3 inch plexi glass that has two adaptors that will accommodate a suction and manual resuscitator bag. The manual resuscitator is secured by a standard endotracheal adapter (15mm diameter). The suction tubing adapter is a cylindrical plastic tube that is 5mm in diameter and tapers out to approximately 8-9mm in diameter. The suction tubing adapter stands off the plexi glass at approximately 3.5cm, and the manual resuscitator bag adapter is 1cm and half off of the plexi glass.
The caddy with its accompanying adapters is secured to the wall with a backing of a 4x2 inch Velcro heavy day stripping. There is an overlapping of the plexi glass against the Velcro backing that enables detachment of the caddy from the wall. The caddy system is singe patient use.
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