Insulated Fireproof Concrete Form System (IFCF)

Inventor: Daniel Charlton
The first dedicated wall building material that significantly reduces the amount of materials used and, because of the simplicity of assembly, greatly reduces time, labor, and cost.
This uniquely designed system relates to an insulated fireproof concrete form system having structural orientation such that the blocks can be easily arranged in a manner providing enhanced stability and usability.
The system features a pair of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. The autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are oriented entirely parallel to each other. Because of this orientation, a core is defined between the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. An insulating block is disposed of on an internal surface of each autoclaved aerated concrete block. Each insulating block is horizontally staggered so that the first end of the insulating block extends beyond the first end of the corresponding autoclaved aerated concrete block. As such, the system allows for the interlocking of one block system to another. A plurality of rods is disposed of across the core such as to hold the insulating blocks and autoclaved aerated concrete blocks together.
Easy to install – easier than conventional timber construction – and that provides more insulation than most conventional homes. We can offer a product that is second to none in terms of its safety and environmental friendliness for the entire building life cycle. The cost savings due to reduced energy usage will be appealing to prospective homeowners. It provides a viable alternative for architects committed to designing environmentally sustainable buildings, and the ease of handling and installation presents a very attractive solution for DIY homebuilders.
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