Adhesive Sport Tissue

Inventor: Patrick Watson
Adhesive Sport Tissue is a uniquely designed device that allows a user to manage sweat and other fluid buildup during a workout without stopping the workout, and allows the user's limbs to bend and flex without disturbing the placement of the device.
The Adhesive Sport Tissue comprises at least one absorbent sheet on the front side with an upper layer that is permeable to moisture and an inner core layer that tapers inwardly from the side edges. These layers will absorb moisture, such as excreted bodily fluids, made of a cotton fabric and includes a mesh material or a similar type of absorbent material where the mesh forms a cross-pattern with the cotton material to increase absorption. The absorbent sheet on the front side is soft and non-irritating to the wearer's skin with elastic allowing it to stretch in at least one direction.
The Adhesive Sport Tissue can be secured to a wearer's skin or an article of clothing. When ready to use the Adhesive Sport Tissue, the user peels the top absorbent sheet from the stack of sheets and removes it completely from the remaining stack of sheets and proceeds to selectively wipe bodily excretions. The absorbent sheet is then discarded leaving the next absorbent sheet ready for use. The absorbent sheets are adapted to adhere to each other through use of an adhesive fabric included on the adhesive sport tissue.
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